29 November 2013

Your BlackFriday Download this FreeApp while you are sitting/standing/driving/moshing through that holiday craptastic sale shopping unexplainia.

Download this, baybeez! Use yer phone! Use yer device! Use yer Walmart store greeter! Swipe and wipe, tap and cry. Here is your blackfriday app of darkness!

Makes yer life better! More beauty! More easy! More stunning awesomeness that you can hardly stand it. Stretches to 42 inches diagonal! More bluetooth! This app not developed in collaboration with nobody. No team. Nobody else. Tractor not supplied. No photo credit, photo from my phone. Made in China! Thank you to the Chinese! To the Apples! Onwards to Cupertino! Of many malls! Enjoy!


nosemovie said...

Is that on the back of an old utility bill envelope????


Tammy Moody said...

This made me think of one of my favorite SNL skits.


Yep, still funny.

team small dog said...

Yes! If you download this app you could also use it to mail in a bill! Or put stickers in it! Apps are so versatile!

I have to go now and do a traditional sarcastic Chinese dance. xox

Anonymous said...

i used this app to win grand prix and steeplechase, and i didn't even have to go to a trial to do it!
darn right it's versatile!

team small dog said...

WOW! Works so good and I didn't even test it for GP and Steeplechase!!!! Great Job!