12 June 2012

Miss Laura's Dog and Pony Show.

Is there anything cuter than kids doing agility?

I set up a teensy course with teensy jumps and teensy contacts and 6 poles at work, and have been letting the kids "train" the dogs.

Even Ruby can do this! Ruby's niche is agility school dog. There's nothing she can hurt herself doing on the mini course, and she LOVES running for the kids. Ruby got a lot of turns, grandma makes the kids RUN. I didn't even know Ruby could still do poles. Guess what? She can!

Otterpop is probably the easiest to run, because once she knows the course she'll just do it, no matter what kind of weirdo handling moves the girls come up with. Please wear a helmet when running Otterpop and don't forget her frisbee!

They learn that training the dogs with kind words and rewards gets you a happy dog. A happy dog does all the weave poles and lays down on the teeter totter!

If you can train a dog, you can train a pony. And if you can train a pony, you can do most anything.

We all love pint sized agility class!


andrea said...

you are a kind and wonderful teacher

lucky kids, lucky ponies and the dogs look like they had fun too!

Tammy Moody said...

Otterpop is so badass that it requires a helmet to run him. Run at your own risk.

Agility Foot said...

I love that the little girl is wearing her helmet while running Pop.

vici whisner said...

Thanks for making me smile today!!!

Kristine said...

Awww! These pictures are so cute. They all look like they are having such a great time. I wish I'd gotten into agility so early!

Amanda said...

What adorable pictures! Sure looks like everyone is having a great time.

Elf said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, they're going to be BEATING down the door of Miss Laura's Dog and Pony Show, because that looks like NOTHING but a good time!