14 June 2012

Every day, a dog and pony show.

No. I'm, not kidding. My life is a dog and pony show.

Gustavo is the only dog we dress up for the parade. Just like Chex is the only pony. Sorry, Gustavo and Chex. There is probably a special place in hell for people that tie pom poms onto their animals.

But see, guess which dog and which pony are everybody's favorites?


Lynn Ungar said...

Can't speak for Chex, but Gustavo seems to feel that dressing up and starring in the parade is the Best Thing Ever. At least the best thing that doesn't involve meat.

Anonymous said...

Gustavo looks ECSTATIC!
I love that picture. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Elf said...

Great photos! Some dogs and ponies will do anything for attention. ;-)