25 June 2011

This is one of those complainy things that I usually hate and would never read on anyone else's blog but you know, too tired to write anything good.

Some of our agility pals are up in Seattle this weekend having a world team practice in a building with some kind of special fake grass. Hi pals! I guess it must rain up there a lot and agility happens indoors? I sure do like to do agility outside where I can see a sky and some trees but everyone has their own weather. The fake grass looks beautiful on internet video, though. Like Willy Wonka flooring. It seems like they would have fake trees around though, to add ambience? I would be happy to come help decorate indoor agility buildings!

Thanks to the magic of the internet and facebook, we can watch their drills and see what they're practicing with Coach Nancy. Someday this might all be classified under Homeland Security if say, the Russians or the Norweigans want to set up the same drills and then beat the pants off the USA. But for now we get to play along at home.

But here's the thing. For me to practice, since I don't have a yard, I would need to stuff into my car RIGHT NOW, 6am, my jumps and tunnel, drive fast to the park, set a drill, unstuff, make sure the dogs are ready to practice, practice really fast, unset drill, restuff car, drive fast home, drive fast to work. Instead of drinking my coffee with a dog on my lap and watching everybody else do the drills in the computer.

Working a zillion hours a day, and not having a yard is an excuse a lot of people use all the time for sucking at agility. I try to be of the Train-Don't-Complain mindset and practice everywhere and anywhere I can, but damn. I get really, really tired. And so me and the dogs don't go insane, we like to run fast down to the beach in the morning and just run around for a few minutes. Wasting valuable potential practice time-the magic hours before 7am and after 7pm, which usually belong to work.

I write stuff pretty fast, but this whiny bit just cost me over 5 whole minutes. Massive failure again! Although I did scarf down some cereal at the same time. That extra 5 minutes actually did cost me a shower, though. Writing a blog is hard work, and my personal hygiene probably reflects it. You've seen my hair.

I've jotted down the drills. We'll find some time to set it up, somewhere, someday. Because they look really fun and hard which are the 2 things we need to get us better. But you know that whole thing Malcolm Gladwell recommends, you need to do something for 10 gazillion hours to get any good at it? I would take his advice, he writes fancy books and gets stories published in the New Yorker. He's no cut-rate Blogger. That is a lot of hard hours to log when the idea of stuffing the weave poles in the car makes you want to just go back on facebook and watch how the champions handle the sequence again. Because you actually didn't finish the cereal. Because you were typing.

It's a downward spiral. I am rapidly losing beach moments before we got to get in the car and get to work. Definitely no dog staying on your side and sending easily to a backside of a jump without taking the other jump and going in the right side of the tunnel. I know everybody is busy and this happens to you, too. And the people with agility in their yards have to take the time to mow! Or rake your grass if it's fake. Which cuts down on agility time. Like typing. And going to work. To get the money. That you need to pay for things. Like dogs. Life is hard. We could be sweat shop sex slaves living in basements! With not even one minute of agility! Or a dog! Or even fake grass. Righty-o and off we go!


team small dog said...

Mary is Tristram Shandy an even worse rambling, whiny complainer than I?

I am happy to work a lot and have a job. It means I have money to have a car. But I have to work a lot to have a car and a house and dogs! Those are expensive things to have. I think if I had no car, house or dogs then I wouldn't have to work so hard.

A bike, tent and gerbil wouldn't really suit my temperament.

I was cranky that I couldn't take Gustavo to the fun match today. I will stop complaining now. It's unbecoming and unproductive.

Jodi, eh? said...

You know when you over-eat and the next day you feel like just eating an arugula salad? Over-complaining works like that for me too cuz The next day, I appreciate the itty bitty stuff, and may even say so even though it may sound kind of Oprah-ish, it's all about keeping the "kvetch" factor in balance.

team small dog said...

Exactly right, Jodi. Which is why I got home from work and now have 6 poles wedged back into my driveway and a tunnel shoved up against the car and goddamnit. Driveway poles, which I was once convinced were the source of Gustavo's crappy weave poles, are going to be better than no poles. Back to sending him from the street and around the rose bush into the poles. Every single day.

Elf said...

I have a gratitude journal in which I make myself write things that I'm thankful for in the times when I'm feeling like my life is at the bottom of the dungheap and it will never get better. Like, as you infer, I have a house of my own, I am healthy (well anyway I can walk and talk and do agility), I have a retirement account, I have family nearby with whom I am on speaking terms, I live in california and train regularly with the world team coach, things like that.

But I still whine when I have to, like, move weave poles from one side of my 35x60-foot agility yard space to the other, and don't get me started about how put-upon I am to move the teeter or, heaven forfend, set up a jump. We all have our crosses to bear (she says looking a BOOST who is whining and chewing on logs because she's not getting a bully stick tonight). What was my point? Oh, yeah, and that's why you are getting better and I'm not, because pft, practice? Ever? And Ashley pisses me off because he has a normal job and a family AND practices and near as I can tell never complains about anything. Is that just?

Terry A said...

are the courses and video available to everyone, or just friends of champions?

Elf said...

They were posted on facebook; not sure what settings were used. If you're on facebook, you can try Rob's videos link:

Elf said...

Or Kathy's vids http://www.facebook.com/video/?id=602466446

I'm not remembering where the courses were posted.