27 June 2011

Weave pole training under duress-the urban combat edition.

I was so mortified by my cranky, whiny outburst about no-time-no-room-to-practice the other day that I set up 6 poles in my skinny driveway. If Gustavo can weave through the rose bush and into the side of my house when I send him into the poles from the street where the lowrider guys' cars are making hissy, hippy hoppy, hydraulicky sounds in the dark, shouldn't he be able to weave in a trial?

One would think. Although I can tell you right now that he can't weave under those distractions with the neighbor's cat up on the fence. A dismal failure.

I hate that cat.

So now my goal is can I get him to weave through the rosebush, into the wall, during lowrider car hopping with cats watching from on top of the fence. In the dark. Maybe if I can make this work, maybe he can do the weaves at a trial.

Or maybe not. But I guess, why not try?

1 comment:

Jodi, eh? said...

Atta Girl!!! I see the kvetch factor is back in check.