01 November 2010

Tea Party with the Team-Because you don't have to be Vanna White to find the Tea in Team Small Dog.

We've all heard of these so called Tea Parties.

Probably it was wrong to buy Otterpop her own monogrammed china pattern. It had these little teacups.

She has this thing now about Southern hospitality, ya'all, and wanted to have a little tea party. For her little doggie friends.

I didn't make them handmade Halloween costumes. Hell. I locked 'em up in the back bedroom when the trickertreaters came by. More candy, less barking.

I will tell you this right now, too. They didn't even use real tea. Goddamn Otterpop used up all our coffee. Our fair trade, picked by glove wearing, sunscreened, union members of a worker's cooperative paid fair wages picking organic coffee beans roasted in a wholesome environment.

What a mess it was.

This always happens in November.


Anonymous said...

Fascinating expose of the politics of Team Small Dog! I'm truly worried for the future of the country.


Julie J said...

this is completely delightful. i loves it!

Amanda said...

Gustavo for President! :-)

Elf said...

"will never hump a pillow, immoral in the eyes of Dog"--best right-wing statement I've heard all season!

Jim said...

Laura, these are priceless. But I would like to buy one. Can you reserve me an original? I'm partial to #s 2, 3 and 4 but am most partial to "One nation under Otterpop!" PS: If Gustavo needs a job, maybe he could be our yardman.

team small dog said...

Jim, for you I will carefully slice out of my notebook. These are from my personal notebook, wasn't really going to sell 'em off but for you, pick yer favorite and make an offer.

They are all on full 5x7 page of lined notebook paper, if you click on the image in blog it opens up to original scan so you can see which page you like best.

I think I like One Nation Under Otterpop best, too!

Just send me email, laura at teamsmalldog dot com if you want.

Jodi said...

Actually,CANADA is one big modesty patch, it just doesn't sit between Otterpop's legs, it's farther North than that.

team small dog said...

Hooray for Canada, Modesty Patch for North America! And Otterpop!

Anonymous said...

It looks like Otterpop is striking a Mad Hatter pose and Gustavo is impersonating the Dormouse.