16 July 2008

In this episode, you can watch someone else's video and you just pretend it's me.

This is Team Small Dog training. Sort of. Doesn't seem to help deer chasing. Or cat chasing for that matter. But is pretty fun.

This is Kaki. Remember her? She lives on an enchanted island somewhere with her cute border collies that do it all and have perfect running dogwalk contacts. Plus she's super model. She keeps cranking the videos out. Thanks Mary, for sending that.

So maybe my island isn't enchanted and it's not an island. And sometimes at that beach, you have to walk by a sleeping drunk guy on the stairs. But you know. Could be a lot worse.


Elf said...

Boost says it's obvious that the reason the border collie is perfect is that she's a blue merle, which come to think of it (says Boost) is redundant). But says Ellen how does she have the time to do all this? Oh yeah probably when she takes the dogs outside 10 minutes a day she doesn't just toss a ball for them to chase while she picks up dog poop and trims shrubs and cleans the pond and things but maybe actually *trains* each time. Maybe I'll just give up everything that I haven't already given up to focus on dog training entirely. Yeah, that's the ticket. Who cares if everything dies and grows over my house like a thorn-encrusted castle which might seem contradictory to dying but actually it's a choice. I'm tired. My arm hurts. Why am I here watching this danged irritating video remining me how insufficient I am as a trainer compared to Laura (because I am pretending it's her in the video)?

wishy the writer said...

pass it on...