15 July 2008

In this episode, we are all relieved that we own no firearms.

I'm teaching Gustavo to be a super stealth hunter in his own backyard. Who needs deer hunting when, right here, without leaving our own property, we can stalk all kinds of wildlife. Like the guy who plays the same Radiohead cd over and over and over and over. The guy who talks on his celphone on his deck and takes forever to decide if they are going to meet downtown or at his house. Super old Richard clear his throat, spit and tap tap tap on his old school typerwriter while watching a show about WWII on the History Channel. Turned up for max volume for the super old.

Maybe our yard exactly why we need deer chasing in the forest that we drive to. Just realized was 2 whole years ago we got outbid in the eleventh hour on buying the dream ranch. Which was really just a crappy house on a few acres of flat field with a good well. On the exact road we dreamed of our whole lives, with trail access out to the most beauty of it all and thousands of acres of deer forests. Our biggest reality check of the whole We Are Buying a Ranch phase of our lives. Which has turned into We Are So Living in an 800sf House With No Yard Forever phase of our lives.

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