17 February 2019

Seminarniamania and Happy Birthday Banksy!

Last weekend I gave the seminar (more on that soon, I taught all weekend in Columbus, Ohio) this Sunday I got to take the seminar!

Today was Jessica day in International Skills and Drills. Thank god for the drills as I need more skills, I don't think I got through a single drill without having to go back and try some part of it again. We had a great time, I learned a lot that, even if I'm a lost cause, will help me teach better, and Banksy held it together through all my mistakes.

Tomorrow is Justine. Me and Banksy are both horribly out of shape, just what we needed to shape up!

A hard weave pole entry that we've missed training apparently, some sloppy things, some off course tunnels, a wide turn here and there. Banksy is amazing, and we'll call this her birthday party as she's just turned FIVE YEARS OLD! This was her very first time in a seminar, and she had loads of fun. Even when I messed up.

It was pretty much just like being in class. Take a turn, mess up, do it again, don't mess up. I threw a lot of toys for Banksy. Justine is very low key, no judgement on my start line, had good ideas to find nice lines and didn't always know the answers to things that I didn't know the answers to either.

Finally some agility to take a break from our very wet and muddy life at the moment! And more tomorrow! We're very lucky!

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Helen said...

Looking good. No point in taking a seminar if you can do it all. Always something to learn. Happy Barkday, Banksy!!!!