12 January 2019

Confidence Building for Agility Seminar in Ohio!

I've never been to a winter that wasn't in California. I've seen photos, and seen on tv, that other parts of the country have snow, and now I'm going to see it for myself, in Columbus, Ohio!

If you are near Columbus, and you need some confidence building in agility, maybe I can help. Or maybe not. No guarantees on that, but I sure will try. The super nice people at PosiDog in Columbus are bringing me out to teach a seminar the weekend of February 9 and 10.


I'm planning some fun sessions, and taking an airplane to get there and staying in a hotel. And going somewhere WITHOUT A DOG! I will bring all my jackets, every single one. And mittens. And two pairs of socks I guess? I wear three jackets at work usually, and I think it's been around 54 degrees...so I am thinking this is an adventure?

If you know anyone in Ohio that seems like they would like this, let them know! The agility is inside a building, that has heat! How crazy is that? This is my third seminar I've ever taught in my life and the other ones had my friends Tammy and Heather also teaching, and Tammy made us gift bags and lunches, so this one is a whole other thing...hopefully it goes well. Yikes.


Terry A said...

Did you survive the cold?

team small dog said...

we have yet to go, in about 2 weeks, it looks like it has been very cold there though!