18 February 2019

Justine day at the Seminar.

My legs are very tired, I suspect that Banksy's are too. I would say I'm glad I'm not trying to qualify for any world teams this year, I would need a personal trainer to get my legs in much better shape and running much faster. It is a sad fact that my house is out of Advil and my legs are too tired to go to the store right now, luckily the couch is very soft. Which is probably how the legs are so out of shape in the first place.

I think my take home is that my handling is far from perfect, but Banksy is a genuinely awesome dog. I guess I already knew this, for far less money than I spent to have my Jessica and Justine lessons! But I am glad they are making money being able to help people get better at agility, so I think that's a worthy cause to support.

Would I go to another seminar with them? For sure! If I had the money. The people who go to so many seminars, yikes! That is a whole months worth of food! Including stops at the expensive bakery on the way to work. But running these courses with some good eyeballs to tell me when to not call so much and pull my arm back earlier seems like a good investment in a happy life. I hope I get the chance to Jessica and Justine again!

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