25 May 2018

Goo, who knew?

Gooey is getting stronger in leaps and bounds. He will eat some food! Our friend Holly made him a plethora of home cooked dinners for dogs with weird livers and he's gobbling down the food. From bowls! Best of all, we started to see his old personality emerge this week from the shadows. We haven't really known how Gustavo will recover, and every day I can see he's only going to be better and better.

He went for a car ride in Ruby's orange car! He would now like to jump on to the couch! With broken ribs! He barked at something! He wagged his tail! He trotted across the yard!

He does have to go to visit the surgeon today and get decided on when and if to open him up to fix the little tear in there. Maybe today, or maybe wait? Not sure. I trust all his doctors to figure out what will be best. I'm hoping no surgery yet, let him get a bit stronger but we will see what they say. Gooey is getting the nicest cards and letters and messages, I am still blown away around every corner by how much everyone is helping Gustavo. Thank you.

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Amy Carlson said...

Waiting, waiting, waiting..........surgery???? See, on the east coast it’s almost my bedtime.