26 May 2018

No surgery today!

One of my friends cooked up Gustavo an entire meal plan of things he could and would eat. I have a whole refrigerator of tiny Tupperware's with little Gustavo dinners in them, and he has gained 1kg of weight now. I would say No. 4 Trifle is pretty high up on the list, so apparently I have to learn dog cooking now.

And best of all, no surgery!

An abdominal muscle wall is less a solid wall and more like layers of lasagna noodles smashed into a basket weave of what holds in your guts. The tear in Gooey's lasagna doesn't poke all the way through, out to where the final layer of bubbly mozzarella cheese goes! It stays in there somewhere near the ricotta and zucchini. If he continues resting, which he is, it should heal on it's own and no guts punching through to become necrotic!

He got an A+ from the surgeon, also an old friend of his, who was so thrilled to give him that grade.

Nobody more thrilled than me, because the last thing I wanted was Gooey to have dog surgery. Gooey now wags his tail all the time and trots and does a lot of things like he did before. He got to take a ride all the way to the sea in his orange dog car, and has asked to do this every single evening. Thank you Gooey, for getting well.


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Yay for A+s!!!! Love love the orange dog car picture!!!!!