22 May 2018

Goo improves.

Gooey is improving every day!

He gets a lot of help from his friends. He did go back to the hospital yesterday for the vet to check him and pull the abscess drain.

He needs to eat more, he is still dropping weight. We are working on that, he's picky about his food right now and something he likes at one meal might taste yucky to him at the next. They changed up his meds to see if that helps him feel better, I think his jaw is less sore too as if he can open his mouth he will like to eat more! Hard to eat when you can't open up your mouth!

There's an abnormality on his abdominal wall that is hopefully not a hernia. He is scheduled for surgery on Friday of just in case, if the surgeon feels necessary. His ER doc just isn't sure. I am hoping hoping hoping it isn't a hole and just a swollen abnormality, Gooey does not want surgery. Was hard to tell on xrays and by all the docs poking around in it. The problem of the hole is that a piece of bowel could go through it and then you got a big problem. But I am working this week to fatten him up and get him stronger of just in case. Eat Gooey eat!

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Anonymous said...

i have been known to liquify the food, and then put little squirts of it into the middle-back of the mouth with a syringe. being careful not to drown anyone, of course. i got the syringe from a vet, and it had a curvy end that i could slip past the lips and teeth quite nicely.