20 May 2018

Much better than the hospital.

Gooey has several nice hospital suites to settle in, depending on the sun and breeze.

Today he drank some water from a bowl and licked some food from a stick.

It's going to be a while, but Gustavo's on the mend.


Anonymous said...

I know it seems implausible, but I still wonder if maybe it's possible that at the last minute the coyotes decided that he was too sweet and cute looking to eat. I mean, there must be *somewhere* they draw the line, right, I mean the don't eat their own pups. And *nobody anywhere* has a sweeter smile that Gustavo. So I just wonder.
All the best continuing thoughts for him, a little better every day.

Kelly and Pruli said...

Keep it up Gustavo!!!! You do indeed look like you are feeling a bit better in the sunshine!

Anonymous said...

Gustavo will have the most amazing stories to tell around the camp fire; he looks better and better in each picture.

Anonymous said...

yes! everyone will sleep better now that he is ensconced in the comfort and safety of the home infirmary.