13 September 2017

Clever Confidence Camp at Oregon School for Clever Dogs.

Hello, Oregon. We all took the long drive up there so I could teach at Dog Camp! We did not get to take the mushroom car. Also, everyone in Oregon does not drive mushroom cars. This is a misnomer. This was by the dog park in Sutherlin. I do not recommend this dog park.

This is not Oregon. It's the trail head for the Pacific Crest Trail in Shasta Trinity National Forest near the Castle Crags. It's also a shooting gallery, and in the background you can see a shot up washing machine! Also there are a LOT of bugs there and I would remind you never hike the Pacific Crest Trail without carrying water. We are rookies. No one was shot.

This is the trailer at the Oregon airbnb! We slept in the boat house next to the trailer. The huge great dane slept in the main house. I told the lady, my dogs will be terrified of the giant great dane. She said she'd keep him in the house. But he's friendly! She almost did keep him in the house, until she didn't and I was right! He was huge and my dogs all thought they were going to die. Nobody did though.

The trailer has Grateful Dead decals. They love the Grateful Dead. Very nice soap and towels. Beer with tangerine and tea in it, I gave them a good review but look out for that dog. He's friendly but the size of a baby elephant, in case your dogs are scared of giant dogs, too.

I'm at the river! The Sacramento River. This was the beach at our cabin near Mt. Shasta. Not in Oregon. The landlord was VERY DRUNK! At all times!

He looked a little like this, except creepier. Imagine the most drunk guy you've ever seen. That's the landlord! He did bring us some beer. He was expressive. And retired, so he liked to walk by the kitchen window a lot and look in. But there was awesome fishing decor.

And a train! This is the front yard. We don't mind trains, so that was cool.

Wilderness hiking. Very HOT! Look out for snakes!

Wilderness hikers, proof!

River fetching. Banksy would live here forever, she didn't mind the drunk landlord all that much. Although she didn't LOVE him and Banksy usually LOVES everyone. This river was pretty strong so I was glad she was afraid to swim beyond where she could touch. She also used bravery to walk over the No Trespassing bridge. I carried Gooey. Otterpop of course had no fear.

Clean Run was one of the sponsors of the camp. Toys for everyone! Socksmith sponsored the socks! There were soap sponsors, treat sponsors, so many sponsors! It was actually great fun, teaching at dog camp.

Tammy invented the camp with Heather. I just showed up and gave a lecture on Yacht Rock and taught some classes. Tammy and Heather are A+, A-1 primo dog agility teachers! I am not so much but I tried hard and I think some students learned some things. I think Ollie learned he liked the squeaky mousie and Patch the aussie learned to do some tugging! The princess sheltie learned how to merry go round on the lunge whip of furry toys. Hopefully some of the other dogs learned some things, all were quite clever, probably far more clever than I. I can already think of some better things to teach if I get invited back.

Here is Gary breaking two of Heather's dogs. They were giving Banksy border collie lessons and ended up with cut pads.

Drunk landlord cabin. Very cute! Many fishing things inside! I am standing where the trains drive by!

Abandonded, derelict market! Which was once a speakeasy, I think. There is history, up there on the river.

Another view of the cabin. We do like sitting around a lot in chairs. Sitting by the river was quite nice though. When we could do so without the incredibly drunk landlord sitting with us.

These guys got tired. We will start calling them grandma and grandpa. They would like to sit in AC and chairs more of the time for their next vacation.

Not tired! More vacation! More hikes! Less car! AC is great! No dogs on furniture, that causes a death penalty for us! This is a genuine drunk landlord quote. Now I feel bad, as he may be deceased from alcohol poisoning quite soon. Does that cause your veins to turn black? Also this was a no dogs allowed hike but screw it. We went anyways.

Working vacation! It was great, and way too short. Thanks for having me up to Oregon!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Laura so much for coming to Oregon. Your lecture that started and ended with Yacht Rock gave me a new perspective on many things. Your teaching has made me way more attentive to my transitions. I hope we do confidence camp again. It made me very happy to watch the campers.

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