24 September 2017

Morgan Hill October USDAA trial book report.

photo by Heather Christensen

This photo isn't even from the trial. Or any trial! It's from Oregon. But I didn't get any videos.

This was the first trial of the qualifying season. First weekend of Autumn. First time competing on a dirt surface since Banksy wiped out last spring.


She got a giant start on her qualifications for Nationals! And had 4 of her best runs she has ever had. I almost couldn't believe it. She won Grand Prix, had an amazing 2nd place in Steeplechase and won the second round. She got a Biathalon Q, a Super Q, a regular Snooker Q, and one more Pairs Q on her ADCh countdown. Two more pairs to go.

I haven't known what Banksy's "thing" is. For Otterpop, it was Gamblers, Grand Prix and Standard. For Gooey, Jumpers and Steeplechase. For Banksy, she's ok at gamblers, I'm mediocre at snooker, jumpers is fine, I'm boycotting standard because of the stupid new giant table she has to climb up on, and I've just found the bravery to start running pairs.

Tournaments are where she shines. This is her thing. Maybe because they are expensive to enter! Nice taste Banksy!

I love running her in Masters Challenge class. I love trying to beat the other dogs in her division in Grand Prix and Steeplechase. Two of them are very hard to beat. So I have to push to win and this is Banksy's thing. Banksy wants me to drive hard and WIN! It's not exciting to do that in, Masters Gamblers. Blah. Get all the sevens in snooker. Blah. I don't hate it, but it's just not thrilling.

So that's her thing. We will try to win tournaments. We'll run enough titling classes for her Nationals q's, and for something else to do as the mood strikes, but otherwise, Biathalon, Grand Prix, Steeplechase. I've figured out Banksy's thing.

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Terry A said...

TOURNAMENTS are awesome things!! Most fun, most challenging, most expensive. The BC you always dreamed of. Thrilled for you.