27 August 2017

SMART USDAA Butterfly Attack.

Banksy is known to be a weirdo sometimes. A beautiful, fluffy, sweet weirdo. I think Channan took this photo. It is very Banksy.

She got attacked by a butterfly at the dog show. On the start line of snooker. I didn’t see this attack happen, I just saw pawing and dramatic upsetness by Banksy. Who can be very, very weird about bugs that TOUCH her.

I tried to run her, but something was off, she was all stressed out and acting weird.

Because, butterfly attack.

She showed that butterfly. Tried to gulp it down in one bite and ran a chunk of snooker with it in her mouth. When I abandoned ship because something seemed terribly not right, she spit it out in the grass on the way to her leash. Alive. A giant yellow butterfly looking all spitty and shell shocked from just taking a ride around a snooker course in a border collie mouth.

Dogs are weird.

Banksy had good runs. Some bars, some handler induced errors. A chip made in her countdown to all the pairs Qs she needs for her ADCh. Three more. Not that I’m obsessed.

Gooey had good runs. For Gooey. Speedy and messed up poles. He was happy.

Otterpop had a good run, in the senior citizen special event for old dogs. She forgot how to do the tunnel but had a great time zooming around the jumps which were just bars on the ground and then I threw her ball and her life was grander than it’s been in a long time. Well, since last time I threw her ball. Which was like 2 hours ago.

We were all happy to go to a trial again! And guess what, we’re going again next week! Hoping for less handler induced errors and no hitting bars.

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Jenn said...

Poor butterfly, indeed!