20 March 2017

Santa Rosa Bay Team USDAA

Nice run, Banksy.

Some bobbles, some Qs. One Grand Prix bye, so now we can go to two Regionals if we so choose for Grand Prix finals, socal and norcal. Gustavo didn't get to run, and we just drove up for the day.

I did crash Banksy through a jump in Snooker, it was awful and I'm still not sure what happened but she crashed about as bad as a dog could crash and landed on her face in the hard dirt. I may have freaked out a little bit. I was brave enough to run her in Jumpers after that, not brave enough to handler her very well down a scary line to the double and got a refusal.

Also Banksy still hates tables, with the new giant table she does at 20". We are never going to be standard champs, we have a whole conversation over there at the table. But all her steering was A+ and she did some hard things brilliantly and was never crazy. Just fast. And all nice contacts. Hooray for Banksy! 

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Terry A said...

Hurray for Laura, too. You guys are really looking more and more like a champion team. Lovely partnership.