20 March 2017

Ruby's new ride.

Ruby is rallying, so Ruby got a new ride. No more staying home! It's a crate on wheels and I shove her in and off we go. Hooray for Ruby! Even has a rain flap, we walked in the rain and she got to sit and stay dry.

Otterpop wants in. I found her sitting in there in the backyard earlier in the day. Your time is soon enough, Otterpop. Banksy already stole a blanket out of it to chew on. For now, just Ruby gets to ride you guys.

Yes, Amazon is evil, I am a horrible hypocrite. But in case your dog needs a ride, here's it is: https://www.amazon.com/Sepnine-trailer-bicycle-carrier-stroller/dp/B01CZS6SY6

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

good for you! great way to keep the pack together, and much more comfy than the wheelbarrow we once used for the same purpose.