27 March 2017

Fast and slow.

We have the whole gang together again! Part of the gang moves very slowly, and part of it moves very fast. If Ruby can get a ride to the park, we move very fast and she she's an easy rider, looking through her windows at the scenery passing by. When we get there, the fasts get to run and I throw a ball around and Ruby can follow slowly through the grass wherever I go.

Fast! Ruby doesn't do this.

Slow! Ruby doesn't go this slow. But who knew such a prize lay in the gutter, an ancient, bisected, skinned tennis ball, a thing to be admired.

On the way home, if Otterpop lags, up on top she goes. The rest of us can sprint walk to the finish. Hooray for the new car!

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Kate Morey said...

I like dogs. They whole my team of writers at Handmadewritings loves them, as well. we can discuss different breeds and even start writing papers related to dogs. it is all hilarious...=)