03 April 2017

An unexpected vacation.

I think I've broken Banksy.

The wrong way I held up my arm and pointed crashed her through a jump a few weeks ago. She seemed fine right after that, no ill effects, we did some more agility that day and called it a day.

Last week, she had a mini crash on a jump in class, and got scared and tried to hide. The next night at home, she was playing tug with Gary, suddenly cried out, ran and hid. A couple days later, in the middle of some poles, stopped in her tracks and ran to the car.

I never saw her lame, never saw anything any other time. Couldn't find a sore spot anywhere on her. She was entered in a trial, I almost cancelled and decided, well, just go and see, maybe whatever happened those days was a fluke.

On her first run, she landed hard and with a little twist over a jump in big extension. I have a video, I've watched it now four thousand times now. Her stride shortens, she gets in a tunnel. She comes out, she says she can only turn left not right on the next jump, and I say, "Hey Banksy!" thinking, huh, that's so weird. She runs to me and tries to do a couple more jumps and says ouch ouch ouch.

She doesn't limp, but I saw right there in her eyes and her short stride, something is wrong and I feel a horrible panic feeling.

I try not to freak out, tell her YAY! And leave the ring. And the dog show. I think she's broken.

I don't know what, I think there is a pinchy feeling that on the right landing says OUCH! In her back or neck. I feel really bad. She does anything I say and if I don't say it right in agility language, she will still do it. I don't think I did anything bad in the video, she was in full extension that I cued with a blind, but I had thought, maybe just skip this trial, and I didn't listen to that thought.

We haven't gone to a doctor, I think what she is is very subtle, so this is good and the animal doctor in me prescribes some rest. The next few weeks, just walking with no leashes, and some tricks and no balls or tugs or agilities. All her favorite things. Well, she does love walking in the woods and she does love doing tricks, too. But she loves the other stuff as much. I'm hoping whatever it was goes away forever and we can go back to Banksy being her amazing agility self.


BLING said...

Oh that is not fun! Sounds like a good plan. Here's hoping Banksy is back to her speedy self in no time.

team small dog said...

Thanks Laurie! She looks perfectly fine and seems perfectly fine all the rest of the time, but something is going on in there so I am just giving it a nice time to rest and hopefully, vanish!

Kelly and Pruli said...

Keep the updates coming Laura! Sending Banksy some heavy doses of quick healing energy from New England!!!!

Karla said...

Sending super healing thoughts! Sounds like a good plan to me. (Bisou is also taking a little rest break after tweaking his knee at BT trial. His doctor says it's minor but we are limited to leash walking for a few weeks - god help me, lol!)

team small dog said...

Thanks! Oh no Bisou!