18 July 2016

Highandlowlights from the long dog show.

Sending Banksy off course in the easiest steeplechase ever. I believe the only off course of the entire dog show! I pushed on her line. Just the teensiest, tiniest bit. That's all it takes with Banksy. Exit through the gift shop.

Also about half an hour later I ran straight into a tunnel and flew head over ass kettle on the same easiest steeplechase in the world with Gooey.

Getting lost at the last jump in masters pairs with Banksy's best frenemie and my best agility pal. No pairs Q.

Startline training. I believe that my holding Banksy to criteria may have caused the dog show to run 3 hours over schedule, though. A twelve hour day without lunch or extra coffee? A very bad thing, causing situations, I believe, such as off getting lost at the last jump in masters pairs (hint hint, they usually have timers on them!) and running into tunnels (hint hint, look where you're going in dog agility!).

Startline Part 2. Banksy did not blow a single startline after I pulled her off the line in Gamblers on Saturday. By Sunday I was leading out across the whole field in Snooker. Hooray for Banksy. I did send her off course on that Snooker, after the magnificent leadout.

Winning Biathalon even though she pulled into the wrong side of that tunnel over there. No Biathalon Q.

Winning most of Banksy's team classes. Except for snooker. Darn that snooker.

Gustavo ran away from a flapping umbrella in Jumpers and hid by the score table.

He had another jumpers where he ran like a million bucks, and included not one but 2 extra tunnels. Gustavo sees a tunnel, Gustavo's in the tunnel. If tunnels make him happier than flapping umbrellas, do the tunnel, Gooey.

Many good running dogwalks for Banksy. One horrifying one.

Several runs where the highlight was the running dogwalk and there were some low lights. Pulling her off a jump, not getting a turn, pushing to the wrong side of a jump. Bars. I can walk out of those runs feeling a little, WAH, and someone always says, amazing running dogwalk. But I really want the rest to be amazing, too.

We train everything. The running dogwalks are working, at least for now. But the other things, when will they work? Sometimes they do, but sometimes they don't. I use the wrong hands a lot and push when I should pull and don't push hard enough when I should push. Poor Banksy.

While I was at the trial this weekend, there were more cop killings. A truck murdered it's way through a crowd in France. They set out the balloons for the Republican National Convention. Where it's doubtful the problem of institutionalized racism being tinder for the shitstorm being stirred up by a Trump and his VP of backwards Indiana Pence will be adequately addressed.

I carried a lot of bags of garbage down to the dumpster all weekend. Up and down the hill. I never made it to the beer garden. I walked to the car, I walked to the dumpster, I forgot to sit down and I forgot to eat. The dogs slept in the car. Some long, long days. Although a quick stop at the beach was right on the way. Today, I'm tired, I have gravel embedded in my hands from tripping on my dangly shoelaces on a garbage run, and a nice day at work sounds relaxing.

We have a month to recover before the next dog show. I think that's a good thing.

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