15 July 2016

The summer of the hustle.

Because it's summer, we'd hope to find ourselves lolling around somebody's bbq, a beach party, a night under white strung bulbs in an outdoor beer garden. I would like more lolling with my summer cocktail, less unlolling with a LaCroix flavor water in the cupholder.

It's been a little less lolling kind of summer and more like do this and that and try to keep paying the bills. But still getting the dogs out for a good walk.

It's a good busy, not a bad busy. I just added some other jobs under my hats. Who doesn't want to wear a lot of hats, all at the same time?

So there's the barn but I added back in taking graphic design jobs again. Drawing your dogs, send me your dogs. Teaching agility classes two nights a week. Keeping up writing monthly stories for Clean Run. Every day, another dollar.

The summer of the hustle.

That's better than the summer I can't stop watching in the news. The summer of the bottle getting all shook up. Shaking and shaking and shaking. That cork is going to blow, little corks are blowing all over the place. The summer of somewhat nervous, the summer of the unrest before the unrest.

It's not bad, it's not good, it is what it is. Winona Ryder makes a comeback with a new Netflix series. Localism gets busted for what it is. Black lives matter. I haven't caught a single Pokeman, and I don't have an unconventional summer It-bag. Where's my casual entertaining make ahead brunch menu? You're bound to hit the beach this summer and when you do, skin care's where it's at.

Off we go and into the car. Let's hope they don't announce the flavor waters number one cause of cancers for 2017. We'll see you there and raise you a dollar. Be back in a jiffy.

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nope said...

no pokemans in my summer, or It anythings, def no brunch, and not even a beach.... and netflix didn't tell me Winona Ryder was baaack. so now i'm watching her and all the creepiness. thanks!
i just hope the insanity that is becoming the norm does not invade our agility. maybe that is selfish and i should hope for world peace, but agility peace is about all i have in me right now.