18 July 2016

Team Small Dog visits the Republican National Convention.

Team Small Dog, reporting in from Cleveland, Ohio! Today we decided to have our expert interview the Vice Presidential pick of Trumpy Dubloons, Indiana Governor Mike Pence. And what better expert to ask than our own native Hoosier, Banksy.

Banksy had some questions for the potential vice president of our country who would be the president if something happened to the potential president Trump Tower and Casino. Like someone shot him. Because he makes people mad. And what do mad people do nowadays? Shoot people. Even if it's the people that are saying, guns are cool!

It just seems like it could be a thing. So we got in line and got our interview. Go Hoosiers.

Banksky: Are the rumors true, Mike?

Mike Pence doesn't believe in global warming.

Mike Pence doesn't want transgender students to be able to use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity.

Mike Pence championed the bill that would allow business owners the right to refuse service to LGBT customers.

Mike Pence embraces the view that god created the heavens and the earth, the sea and all that's in them, and would like schools to teach this as well as science, and let the children decide which is correct.

Mike Pence would like to outlaw abortion, and has outlawed certain abortions in Indiana.

Mike Pence was disappointed in the Supreme Court's legalizing of gay marriage.

Mike Pence thinks that the science that linked lung cancer to smoking is part of a conspiracy theory.

Mike Pence: Yes, Banksy.

Stay tuned for more convention coverage. Unless we get tired and go home early. So many balloons.

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