09 June 2016

Get well soon, Otterpop!

Maybe you're wondering, where is Otterpop, isn't that her small sized orange ball? The one that fits perfectly in a pocket on the way to and from the beach and dries off so the pocket is not just a soggy wet ass pant sag?

Without an Otterpop there, the ball ends up all the time in the surf. Otterpop and Banksy have an arrangement. Banksy wins by running faster and snapping the ball up in her snappers, but she drops it for Otterpop and Otterpop delivers to me. She's the ball roomba hooverator. So Banksy's retrieve at the beach is, just drop in the surf. Otterpop will get it.

Otterpop is sick! Very bad tummy! SubQ fluids and pills and sad, sad Otterpop laying in her bed trying to feel better. She did howl a little this morning, which I think means she's on the mend, but she still says she can't eat even a teensy bit of food. Get well soon Otterpop! We need you!


Terry A said...

aawwww. you've got the grit to get over this damn quick, Ms.O. go for it.

Anonymous said...

Fell better fast, Otterpop!

debnull said...

Heal quickly, Otterpop - I am sorry you're not feeling well!!