10 June 2016

Otterpop visits the hospital.

Well, Otterpop didn't get well yet. Just the opposite, she got sicker. All week she's been sick, not so sick, very sick, better, worse, sicker, and then today it was the sickest again, the sickest I've ever seen her. So her doctor said, take her to the hospital and the hospital doc said that she had to stay. Something is wrong in her guts, maybe an ulcer, maybe an infection, well, yes, there is an infection. Otterpop is tough as nails but her guts are saying, not so much.

She isn't going to die. Otterpop wouldn't do that. But she does have to stay there for at least a day, maybe two. And I can't go visit her til tomorrow. I told the doctor how she would like her blankets arranged in her cage, and I handed her off to a tech in full xray garb, hand my credit card over to the receptionist, then I had to leave her there and drive home. A night without an Otterpop, none of us know what to do.

Ruby didn't know where to walk in the park. Gustavo doesn't have anyone to share the couch with. Banksy is following me around like a shadow. We have had something removed, and we don't like it, and we want it back. With guts feeling happier, maybe that will make for a happier Otterpop.

Hurry, Otterpop, feel better soon. We all need you back.


Anonymous said...

i am covering my ears and saying lalalalala... do not want this to be true. be well soon Otterpop!!!

Agility Foot said...

Feel better, Pop!! You left a hold at home that needs to be filled.

tinylurcher said...

Me, Gracie and Kippers are thinking all sorts of awesome for Otterpop! <3

Terry A said...

Otterpop, you have two boys from fla. sending powerful poodle vibes for speedy recovery. bite this in the ass, girlie.