23 December 2015

Happy Holidays from yer pals, Team Small Dog.

Be nice, don't bite, be merry enough. Find some good trees, walk amongst them. See you there!


Anonymous said...

we were nice, nice being relative, none of us, including me, bit anyone, and we were merry enough. we found some good trees, but it was so wet we had to wade amongst them. we were too naughty to get presents, but we watched g-kids get presents. tis the season to be.... something.
off to az to play regional-style. maybe we should have practiced measuring the baby goober.
and since you might have been wondering, TSD help us stay centered when we are 2000 miles away from home.
hoping everyone's new year is bright and sparkly!


team small dog said...

Happy happy bright and sparkly! Happy Holidays to you!