21 December 2015

Things the rain did.

Here is where our cik and cap trees were. The way we play here is first look out for animal control officers. If the coast is clear, we cik and cap up and down the tree row, then do Bye and Away around the soccer goals and the backstop. Then back to the cik and cap trees. The back to the soccer goal. All the laps round the field have games.

Goodbye, cik and cap trees. Sorry you got wet and started to fall down. You were tall and beautiful and very old and they just came in and sawed you off at the stumps. It was good to know you, lined up on the escape route if animal control comes in the back way.

I sent Otterpop on the Christmas shopping mission in the rain. She had lunch with Karl. And hot chocolate. Only Otterpop gets to go on missions such as these.

On the home front, Banksy dealt with the wrapping. There has been a lot of rain and four dogs seems like too many to drag out into the water and come home sopping wet. It didn't used to, but this year it does. There is just not enough space and not enough towels so they are staying indoors. I am not feeling the soggy vibe today. It's the longest night of the year, which means it will be the shortest day. One short day isn't that long for everyone to be cooped up without a run.

What is it with those tiny houses? Our house is really tiny, nobody wanted such a tiny house. We did, because it was cheap and nobody else wanted it. Even if there was no room for things like wet dogs. Now you can get one even smaller, only 200 square feet. Where are your towels then? The wet dogs are on your counter, I guess and in your tiny bathroom? Then where do you put your Christmas presents?

Banksy's pretty good at wrapping. I'm not sure what Otterpop got everyone. Sorry if your present is weird. And has teeth marks. Ho ho ho.

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