26 December 2015

Disco christmas in hamsterland.

If you are over the age of ten, I bet you didn't even know the song Disco Christmas in Hamsterland. Or Space Unicorn or It's Raining Tacos. You are missing out. Parry Gripp, music genius. These were some things I learned about this Christmas.

We had a nice visit with my family down in the South of California. We brought all the dogs. This is not an easy thing. But everybody survived!

There were a lot of tennis balls at Christmas.

Like, pretty much the most ever.

A lot of videos made. Do you know how to use VideoStar? You should. There was also a drone. Banksy still hates drones, in case you're wondering. Probably more than ever now. So much for that. No drones were destroyed by dogs, though.

This is how we looked after Christmas. Christmas is super hard work. We need a week of naps now.

Coming home, there was a forest fire by the beach, so we drove the snow way home. Banksy saw the snow for the first time. She was not all impressed. The snow's no drone, that's for sure.

We hope you had happy holidays! They went by in a blur! How did that happen?

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Anonymous said...

What's the little tri-color guy? Corgese Mountain Dog?