01 November 2015

Slow and boring insomnia fighting herding day.

If you have insomnia, you should watch this video. It's Banksy doing her sheep herding in a super boring way. She lies down. She waits. She patiently goes round the sheep. Not once did she split, hug, or eat any of them. Which is saying a lot because it was National Sheep Hugging Day. I think. Or else Channan made that up.

I was pretty happy. I would say we are not the most talented sheep herders out there. I'm not sure how much better either of us will get. But if she can go round and organize the sheep quietly and then lie down, I am declaring victory.

Hope you got as bored as me watching it!


JerryGar said...

Speak softly and carry a big stick?

team small dog said...

That's pretty much exactly it. And know when to wack it on the dirt. Hopefully you don't have to do this. But you might!