08 November 2015

Banksy goes to a trial again, actually we all go.

Banksy's first trip around Gamblers! Very fun to do the many things!

Banksy loves dog shows. This is a cool fact. She stays patient in the car and doesn't throw fits. She had nice manners, and was incredibly chill. She did little tricks before her turn, she took nice walks around the ranch. She did only one very naughty thing and escaped at the very end of the weekend, but luckily Holly flung herself on top of her just as I screamed LIEDOWN and we captured her. Her only low point. I am buying Holly cocktails for that one.

The rest of the weekend, the biggest problems were a refusal, a couple bars, one off course tunnel. stuff like that. Those are problems I can deal with. There were a handful of Qs and big fun running around the Starters ring and Grand Prix and Steeplechase.

Now I want to go go go to all the dog shows!

Gustavo ran a little bit too. He had a just say no to poles weekend, but for his Standard on Sunday. He somehow did all the poles and did all the things, there was just a refusal but no vortexes, no corks blowing, just all fast around the things in the right order.

Running Banksy is a lot less complicated than running Gooey. That is a fact. There were all contacts. There were all weave poles. There were all the things. His cork blows a lot. Hers blew a little at the very end of the day and that's when she did her great escape, 2 days of dogshow doing a lot of things is probably still a little too much for her. We'll do less things next time.

Gustavo did the yellow tunnel wrapped around the dogwalk in Masters Challenge Standard 5 times until I convinced him to come on out and  do a teeter, take a jump and exit the ring like the class act he is. It was a vortex. His steeplechase is usually his happy place and there were all sorts of tunnels and things happening in there. Sometimes he decides the weave poles in the dirt are diseased, that was happening this weekend.

I love Gustavo THE BEST. So it's cool when this happens. He's the only dog that sleeps under the covers. I had thought perhaps we should qualify for Nationals. Now I just think, I don't know what I think. I think it's very fun to do agility with a dog like Banksy who you just go in the ring with and do some agility. Get Qs. Not see dead people, not have corks blow, not have things touch the feet that feel funny, just go in and do all the things.

I think me and Banksy are going to like this agility thing together.