03 August 2015

Don't freak out. Again.

Did you miss out on these last time around? I know a lot of you did.

I told you not to freak out, right? And here they are, more!

Now in more colors, more styles, more!

Super soft 100% cotton girly cut (ie, tight as shit if you gotta beer paunch but super adorable if you don't) in asphalt and olive with awesome PINK Otterpop skully face.

Or super soft 100% cotton man cut on the slim size but actually so much more awesome than your run of the mill crappy t-shirt. In classic black and army with SF Giants orange Otterpop skully face.

Order here, easy peasy on your paypal and I'll ship it out to you asap! Quantities are limited! Order soon! Wear my best advice EVER proudly.

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