02 August 2015

Because who doesn't need more hobbies? That involve livestock. And biting.

Banksy got to go try herding again. She did great!

She did so great she got to take a turn with me driving. I don't have this on video.

Which is a shame.

Because you would have seen us be a great team. For about 20 seconds. Then you would have seen us implode and the next thing you know, SUPER fast running Banksy flying around out of control flashing teeth at the poor sheepies.

Oh my.

This is not as easy as it looks on tv. Not by a long shot.

Sheep herding. Oh my. I think we're going again, though.


Unknown said...

Yay Banks!!!

team small dog said...

Yeah. I could see this happening. Because HOW AM I GOING TO TEACH HER TO SLOW DOWN if I don't have my own sheep and roundpen? Also easier to apologize to the sheep for my dog's naughtiness if they were my own sheep...hmmm...