29 September 2014

How did we get on without a border collie before?

This happens sometimes now. The rainbow unicorn holy grail of border collie puppy mythology. Mine has started, ever so often, sleeping at my feet. I could do without her bestest present of all, though, when she brings her waterbowl along with her sleepy self. But I think that means she loves me.

Two out of four of the dogs bring back the ball. Otterpop loves it that there are organized rules that involve balls and frisbees. And if somebody AHEM, leaves their ball in the pond, Otterpop is more than happy to swoop in and hande the situation. Otterpop loves having her own border collie. How did Otterpop ever get on without a border collie? I am very sure that Otterpop is extremely happy to have her very own.

Banksy loves Ruby a lot. So much so that I get nervous sometimes, because if you so much as blow on Ruby she can topple over upside down like a bug. But mostly, it's very, very sweet.

Banksy and Gustavo? Don't get me started. Weirdest insane love connection ever. Hiking buddies, house pals, BFF's forever. Gustavo's ET phoned home the day he decided he loved Banksy. I'm not sure what they do down there in his lair together, or even how she fits in there. There are sounds. Sometimes I drag one of them out. Not usually, though. Because, true love.

How did we get on without a border collie before?


Jodi, eh? said...

My life consists of B2do and then A2do and wonder why no one ever told me life would always be better.
Sorry, I should have let you in on the BC secret.

Agility Foot said...

Lovely post.

Ahamed said...

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