28 September 2014

Let's walk to the pond.

Aloha. My neighborhood isn't the easiest place to have a border collie. Not a lot of wide open spaces. No sheep. Not one.

Our houses are small, and many of us around here don't have yards.

Mostly to find a little space to walk, we drive up the mountain, or drive out to work, or drive to our best  beach that isn't too crowded.

But it's good to have a place in the hood for dogs.

There's always the park, for just playing ball.

But the best place is if we walk to the pond, out by the whale skeletons.

Doesn't tak too long to walk out there.

I live on the Westside. From my house, just keep walking west and you'll get there.

Just on the edge of town.

Deer should stay out of the neighorhood. Too many fast cars.

And foxes too. They should stay up on the mountain. This fella got smashed a few couple of months ago.

You'll pass the biotech place, and the gummy factory, and the surf shop.

There are a lot of blowing leaves on the way, blowing on the pavement. In case that's important for your walk.

Almost there, hurry!

Everybody in! See you at the pond!


Agility Foot said...

The whale skeletons at Long Marine Lab not the Museum, right? That would be a very long walk for you guys to the Museum. Poor deer.

team small dog said...

Yes, the marine lab. To the west! We hardly ever go east. I could make awesome tourist guides Mary!

Jodi, eh? said...

very funny Mary