01 June 2014

Bay Team USDAA Palo Alto, at a non ghostie park in a swanky Eichler subdivision.

Photo Credit: Channan Fosty

First of all, there was way too much puppy cuteness. This is my friend Channan's little girl puppy Kirk. Kirk is Banksy's other BFF. Kirk started out the day shorter than Banksy and grew almost as tall as her by the end of the day. Also her fur feels like cashmere. Hopefully it stays like that. I think Kirk should come and live with us. Banksy loves to eat food when she is with Kirk! Probably because Kirk would like to gobble all of it up.

Besides play with puppies, Gustavo and Grifter did some running. Gustavo has never been to this trial site, and running him somewhere new that isn't contaminated is amazing! He is like normal! We had a great day with Qs and everything. It was just so uneventful. Teeters. A table. Beautiful contacts. Poles. Nothing weird. He just ran fast and we had fun.

It was just so easy. Crazy.

Who knew agility could be like this? Maybe the answer is just getting him to new places where he's never ever seen a ghost. Maybe he wants to live in an Eichler neighborhood. He likes sitting in the car all day under beautiful, mature trees with a puppy for a roommate. I don't know. We had a good day though.

I made errors with Grifter. A dog as big and fast as Grifter doesn't do well with errors. There were many good things that happened on course. But he isn't a dog you can walk out to the startline with still deciding on how to handle the opening part of the course. Oops. No Grand Prix Q for Grifter.

But no bars all day and all contacts hit. Much extreme fastness. That is how I'll sum up his day.

Banksy had a great day. Met many new friends and dogs and puppies and toys and got to watch a little agility. She likey. She likeys then she tugs with me before she tries to run out there and try it herself. She played and ate food without fake chewing and spitting it out and played and slept quietly in the car.

She also finally won over Gustavo this weekend. He has finally decided that puppies have some use. This is a very good thing. I think. I hope we have furniture left by the time Banksy grows up. More chewies for everyone!


Agility Foot said...

Banksy's tale is as long as she is!! She's growing by the second. Any video's of you running Grifter and Gustavo?

Channan said...

Kirk can't wait to see Banksy again in Scott's valley!

Good job enhancing that photo of the 2 of them. You have some mad skillz.