02 June 2014

Gustavo and his new BFF for at least a day, Teeter Totter.

Gustavo is 7 years old. In agility years, this is an old guy. Maybe it's time for him to start running in Standard. At least in places where he doesn't think the ring is contaminated. This run motivated me to enter him in Standard again. Maybe not at his dreaded nemesis site, Manzanita Park, where all of our local trials are held. Maybe at a trial somewhere new and improved and far away. Don't know where that will be. But maybe somewhere, sometime, someday.

This was an easy gamble. And I sauntered way too casually into that blind off the tunnel. But still nice to have a day where we pick up some Q's and where Gustavo has no freak outs. I'm very proud of my little Gooey. Who is hiding under the bed making weird noises while I write this because there was a fly in the house a couple of hours ago. Gooey does it his own way. And I'm totally cool with that.

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Agility Foot said...

Gooey looked happy and so did you!! Great Job.