04 May 2014

Turlock USDAA, where Gustavo has a pretty good day even though I let the puppy come along.

This is Gustavo's crate in the car. It is smooshed full of a Banksy. Gustavo probably would have preferred Banksy stayed home from the trial on Sunday, but Gary preferred to be left with just Ruby. So Banksy learned how to get out of the house and on the road by 5:15, to make it time to walk Team Jumpers.

I walked Team Jumpers, and Gustavo ran it. Ran it really good, too. The crazy can't-run-can't-do-nothing Gustavo from a couple weeks ago had vanished and Gustavo was ready to run all weekend. Aside from a couple fatal handling errors (FIVE POINT SNOOKER! YAY! IN TEAM!) he ran great, nice and fast, and even did teeters. I think that our team came in second place. I think this has mostly to do with my very awesome team mates, hopefully Deenie y dos Gringos will ride together again.

Why can Gustavo run sometimes and not others? This is now and always will be a great mystery to me. The only weird thing he did was during the relay when he came off the teeter, and instead of heading straight into some weave poles, headed over to a speaker and started longingly into it's dials. Gustavo phone home. Maybe he thought it was a direct line to the puppy removal people. He did this for what seemed like an excruciatingly long time until I ran over and waved the baton in his face and finished the course.

It was a purple sparkle baton. Alien communications, begone. But one weird incident all day. I will take it.

Otterpop and Gustavo sat in their tent and probably smack talked poor little Banksy. Mean girls. Banksy made many friends nicer than them, and we found some puppy friends for her to play with. She thought the trial was one big party. Play and sleep, not a bad life. She ate one water bowl. She played tug with the other puppies running around her. She bravely met some fluttering trash bags. Long car ride, no problem, slept the party off. She's ready to go again!


Tammy Moody said...

It makes me incredibly happy to see how in love you are with Banksy. I smile when I think of you two hanging out, playing, hiking , driving miles. You deserve her more than anyone else deserves a puppy.

Terry said...

Agreed. So happy for you both. :)

team small dog said...

Tammy she loves your toy!!! It is the perfect little puppy length and fluffyness of puppy biting! Gustavo secretly plays with toys in the car, sometimes, before he runs and he secretly played with it too.

Terry A said...

she sounds like a lovely, lovely puppy, so glad she joined team small dog!