07 May 2014

Crate Games=Startline=Photoshoot, all equally important.

Banksy likes to move, move, move. We are doing much Susan Garrett Crate Games and me feeding her by hand while she sits and I move and I think we are making teensy progress. Because, yes startline, but also, you know, I like taking photos of my dogs. I think if a dog can do a photoshoot and there are sticks and potted succulents and other dogs everywhere, then startlines should be EASY.

My friend Karla also taught me the magic of Pot Roast. This is you get an organic pig, kill it or have someone else do so, then cook it up in your oven, then you get it out and spend 3 hours slicing it into teensy bits and freeze them then you have magic puppy crack for months thanks to your dead pig.

I listen to all this, watching my puppy all of a sudden love food, with kind of a slack jaw. A dead pig? I am not sure how all this is going to work, roasting mammals in the oven? But puppy crack...we need some kind of puppy crack for sure.

Banksy had to survive a few days of the Buck Brannaman clinic, locked in the boring car jail. Handled it like a champ, Buck would have been proud if he'd seen her, but I kept her far away from the horses. She made a new best pal for life named Bisou that is surely going to be our biggest distraction challenge forever. I've been exploiting all kinds of free child labor at work to help us with our restrained recalls that are now named decel and shoulder pull and front cross and driving out to the toy. The kids just all know the magic work is BREAK and let go of the puppy NOW if they want to play with the puppy.

I have a notebook to write down all the good puppy ideas everyone is giving me. There are a lot of ideas. I try to remember the really good ones. But mostly I'm just out there, playing with my puppy. Then playing with my good dogs. Then playing with my puppy. How much funner than that does it get?


Terry said...

:) :)

vici whisner said...

I can not express the joy I feel for you. I hear Bansky is awesome!!! Can't wait to meet her.

maryclover said...

Another puppy crack idea...dehydrated liver sausage. If you have a dehydrator slice up the liversausage and dehydrate it on 165 for like 24 hours. Try not to do it in the house because it is VERY stinky. I guess that's why they call it crack.