03 May 2014

Eight things you perhaps wanted to know about Banksy, in no particular order, and then we I promise we will go back to regular team small dog programming which will now be informally known as team small dog and their Banksy.

Banksy loves mud and water more than almost anything. There is no water bowl that she cannot figure out how to tip over and get the water out. She loves to make floods in the kitchen and in the dog crate and filthy mud wallows in the dog pen. Banksy is extremely adorable but actually is a huge muddy mud pig disguised as a cute little puppy.

Banksy is very gentle when she meets other dogs, and a little bit shy. When she warms up to the right dog friend, she loves to play. We are trying to find her some good dog friends right now. So far Ranger and Marko are her good friends. Otterpop is like her bodyguard/mentor/agent. I am not sure whey Otterpop has taken to Banksy but she has. But I couldn't call them friends, exactly. Gustavo is sort of her friend until he decides to give her crazy eyes and scream in her face. So I am not calling him her friend, because I know people like this, and the last thing I'm calling them is my friends. Ruby is pretty much her friend but I have concerns about this friendship tipping over Ruby, so my call is not too friendy. So mostly I am Banksy's friend.

Banksy is a little bit afraid of horses, and a little bit thinking to be herdy with them, but she's been learning that they aren't scary and that she can play with her toy when they walk by. She's made huge progress in a few days of being around horses and can now sit in the dog pen and watch them go about their day. The kids are helping a lot with this, Banksy loves kids and luckily I know a lot of kids.

Banksy loves to travel. She gets in her crate, and goes to sleep. So far she doesn't care where she goes and for how long, she just likes going along for the ride. She was an awesome airplane traveler, but will  never fit into Otterpop's airplane bag again, unless she shrinks which seems unlikely because her front feet just grew a lot today.

Banksy enjoys eating potted succulents. Especially Gary's potted succulents that he planted in special pots. Banksy moves very fast and can eat a potted succulent while you blink. That is sort of why these photos of Banksy are not exactly of Banksy but they are all things that stand still, such as walls.

Banksy loves to play with any toy. She is a fierce tugger and she doesn't mind that all her toys, except for the amazing perfect one that Tammy sent are ghetto tuggies that I make by tying all our dog toys together in a long stretchy tuggy string. And she has learned that uh-oh and ouch means you grabbed the hand not the tuggy and nobody likes bloody hands.

Banksy loves to fetch all balls. But she won't go find them if they go under the deck. That's why we have Gary.

I found Banksy on facebook, after my friend Karla, who wasn't even looking for a puppy, went on facebook and found her perfect puppy. I had been looking and looking and looking for perfect puppies and they didn't seem perfect for me. I don't even like facebook. Always all blah blah blah in facebook. So then I am in facebook, because all Karla perfect puppy and there was Banksy. Didn't think anything would come from it. But then next thing I am on an airplane in the middle of the night, and my friend Debbie is taking me to breakfast at the cinnamon toast place, and then next thing we are in the car with our friend Sally's 11 year old daughter to Ali's house in Franklin and then next thing I have a puppy in a borrowed crate sleeping over in Debbie's apartment that's attached to Sally's garage and I'm eating artisan asparagus pizza and drinking wine with my old friends and learn that there is never any traffic at any time, in Indiana. And then me and the puppy are on the airplane, talking to a rancher who was also visiting Indianapolis to go to the NRA convention and the puppy never made a peep, and then  we had to sit in the airport way too long because this is how it goes for me whenever I fly, and then I got home and then now I have Banksy.


shawn said...

I'm so happy for you!! That's how puppies are found now - one minute blah, blah, blah, Facebook, the next minute - PUPPY!!!

team small dog said...

Well, just under the deck. But he would totally go under the house I bet because he LOVES Banksy!

Unknown said...