26 May 2014

There's still a border collie in my kitchen.

Banksy still lives most of her time in the kitchen.

This is because she is like a fast moving little shark beaver a lot of the time and if I can't be watching her every move, the kitchen is Banksy proofed.

Today I decided she was ready to learn to go to her big girl bed. We didn't even own a bed the size of a border collie so I went to the pet store and got one. Made in China by Martha Stewart's slave elves. If Banksy knows how to be in a big girl bed, she can spend more time with us in the living room not chewing shoes and couches and chairs and ankles.

So far, this has been her favorite bed, otherwise known as the floor. The floor has been something she has not tried to chew up, so far. Because I just told you that, she will probably switch over to being a floor chewer next. She has had phases. Water. Rocks. Now wood, or particle board laminates.

The bed gets pulled out of the kitchen if she decides to move it across the room. There is a lot of competition for such a good bed. You gotta take a number, if she loses the bed privilege, there's a pretty long line for who is going to use it next. Who knew everybody wanted a kitchen bed? Maybe we all just move into the kitchen together. More beds from Martha Stewart. Or preferably, Banksy finishes teething. Someday.


Paul Anderson said...

In one of your previous blogs you mentioned vacinations, I thought you might be interested in this study.

Paul Anderson

Ali said...

Hey at least it looks like someone is enjoying the bed!