25 May 2014

Living on border collie time.

We've been waiting-waiting-waiting for Banksy's immune system to kick in all the way, so she's safe to walk anywhere we want. She still has a ways to go, but there are a few trails and beaches I think are ok for her right now.

She's definitely getting the hang of the forest walk.

I've found she's a very easy puppy around the house or at work if we have a REALLY long walk in the morning. So long she has to take some little breaks. That's cool. She's a little baby puppy. She never even knew walking like this was a thing. We take a break, hang out in the trees, I bring some water and we all and enjoy the quiet morning.

If she hasn't had enough exercise, she is NOT a really easy puppy to have around the house. She stares at things and chews on things, both habits that are uncool and I don't want her to get better at.

She's 15 weeks old and has one parvo shot to go. After that, a whole new world opens up of places to go and people to see. As far and long as her little legs can carry her. We can't wait!

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