07 October 2013

Hola, reportage of Not throwing in the towel yet.

Here's Gustavo in Steeplechase. You should know that the building that he's weaving towards is haunted and many times, he has stopped dead in his tracks and started at it, quivering, for a very long time. He actually did this in the first round, but he runs very fast and still got a Q. Apparently his weave poles are no longer diseased, at least they weren't this weekend.

He also won Grand Prix, Gamblers, and Jumpers. Go figger. The teeter totter had a deadly look about it in the snooker close, so he ran away into the tunnel, but luckily the Grand Prix teeter totter was the friendly kind. Or in a friendly place. Or had been cleansed. Whatever. Good thing.

I have no idea why Gustavo is how he is. It is much more fun to go to a dog show with a happy dog who doesn't believe things are crawling out of the air to sniperize him. We had a nifty time. Usually Otterpop does Gamblers. That's not Gustavo's thing. She asked me not to enter her. Her leg looks like it's dangling on a thread these days. So I entered him. Who knew he could do a Gamble? Luckily it was a very, very easy Gamble involving a tunnel. Kind of a gimmee. But still. Hooray for him.


Terry A said...

Excelleny, job, little Gooie!!!! Wonderful to see him having a blast. Wonderful to see that you aren't giving up on agility!

Anonymous said...

glad you both had fun. fun is what's most important, however it happens to happen.

Elf said...

I saw that Steeplechase run in person and it was so much fun to watch! You both looked so happy and fast. Congratulations again.