10 October 2013

Hobbes, 2/1/99-10/9/2013

Hobbes wasn't my dog, but I loved him just the same. He belonged to my friend Rob. Rob and Hobbes both taught me how to do agility. Rob let me run him because he would lay down on the table for me in dog shows, maybe because he loved me, maybe because I stopped at Trader Joes and picked up frozen mini meatballs for him. I didn't care if he did the table or not, I just liked hanging out with Hobbes. I sure do miss him right now. My sad condolences to Rob and Derede.


gscindy said...

What we have once enjoyed
we can never lose;
All that we love deeply,
becomes a part of us.
-Helen Keller

Heartfelt sympathies to you, Rob and Derede ~ losing our friends is never easy.

Elf said...

What a beautiful photo of Hobbes. He's one of the dogs I've seen progress from puppyhood through his ripe old age. He'll be missed for sure.