02 January 2013

January weather after work.

I'm still learning how to use iphone as a camera. I am so 2007.

I'm still freaked out by my tiny pocket computer speaking device that seems to do most anything you ask of it. When they sense befuddlement, kids grab it away and start stabbing at it and are all, snorty like, "Here. Just do THIS." And then all of a sudden Siri, the oh-so-literal goddess who lives inside the phone, has purchased an antique pachyderm skin, booked herself a non-sexual massage, and lost 6lbs eating nothing but kale and bacon.

I'm just staring at the screen. "Are all my songs still in there?"

Tap tap tap. I should probably just let iphone write this for me. Shouldn't the pictures just GO in the blog now, somehow?

Siri is a tax write-off. And a little sand never hurt anybody. Anything. Don't break iphone.

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Sobaka said...

Lovely photos! What a beautiful place you live in. How do Gustavo, Otterpop and Ruby feel about iphone? Does Siri scare them?