06 January 2013

On some days, we walk North without stopping.

I'm not sure if it's something chasing us, or something pulling us, or what it is exactly, that makes us do things like, Can you walk North only taking shortcuts?

To take all the shortcuts in my neighborhood, we have to walk when it's raining somewhat. There's less surveillance that way. We try to stick to the treelines, stay undercover and walk in the shadows wherever possible.

It's important to keep moving. You get a different view this way, sometimes of things where it's best to keep your eyes averted. I don't take photos of anyone else who's using the shortcuts.

We're off the radar by choice, walking this way. Some of the people we pass on the fringes, not so much.

This is the house by the store where kids can buy liquor across the street from the purple rv with blacked out window that smells like pot and has curlique reggae drawings in gold sharpie accents. There wasn't a shortcut there, so we just walked across the church lawn. But I think Jesus would have been ok with that.

This was a pretty long walk for Ruby, but there aren't any hills if you just keep heading North. If we walked as far as San Francisco, then the hills would start. But we've never tried walking that far. Yet. Not on a day when Ruby is walking.

Walking North via shortcut is kind of inefficient because the pond is in the way.

But that's a pretty good place to have little rests and look at the sky.

Well, ok, not Gustavo. He doesn't rest.

More not resting. This is actually the longcut instead of the shortcut all the way around the big pond so he could have less resting.

And this is the owl tree. I don't know why Otterpop is in it. I guess more resting up, for walking farther north.

We made it as far as the brussel sprout fields and the Icelandic ponies, by where the pants were hanging from the tree. Weren't drying out good though, that's for sure. That was as far North as we walked. We stayed at that far point for just a few minutes, looking out to the sea, and then we carefully retraced our path back, exactly the way we came. Except for where the guys were high speed sloshing their home made trucks through the mud field. We walked around that. Heading south, until we were done.

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Meghan said...

I look forward to seeing your sea soon! How blessed you are to be just a walk away.