25 November 2012

Hola! Gustavo, and how did your Black Friday treatcha?

Gustavo would like to say a few words, in honor of our Holiday Custom Dog Art Sale:

Oh wait. He can't talk and he has no teeth.

I think what he wanted to tell you was to make sure to get your orders in. ASAP. Your monies help him have even fewer teeth, if that's even possible.

It is. There are still teeth left in there, and they are a gonna want to come OUT!

Also, I took him over to a fun match today to do a few runs.

The good news was that it was near work and at a beautiful winery in the foothills. Yes. We don't mess around in these parts. Dog agility=winery.

The bad news was that I got there late and they ended early.

The good news was that I snuck in a few runs while they were tearing down the rings all around me. And that Gustavo ran fast and turning tight and contacts and poles not making any errors whatsoever!

The bad news was, he ran like that until the very last time we zoomed around the standard course and he mysteriously freaked out on the teeter totter.

The good news was, HeY! JuSt LikE in triAls! He likes the teeter totter just fine until he doesn't and it ScaReS him. Yikes!

The bad news was that like every single other thing was being dragged off the course and so we couldn't really re-create the whole run and bring back the teeter confidence so the mystery remained unsolved.

The good news was the whole part about it being at a winery so who cares about teeters during wine tasting?

And in honor of Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday and even Cold Black Heart Friday, we would like you to meet our new BFF Kirgin Vino de Mocca. It is wine, but it is wine made with chocolate and coffee.

Yep. That is correct. Wine, chocolate, coffee in one bottle. I am not shitting you and even though I had been planning on giving up carbs for the holiday season, I am switching my diet idea to a diet made of Vino De Mocca. 3 squares in one convenient bottle. Me and my friends went in and bought a case of wine (50% off by the case fyi) and I brought my BFF home with me.

You should buy this for everyone you know for Christmas.

AND your Holiday Custom Dog Art Sale:
awesome custom dog drawing. Order soon. Orders may shut down early if I am too drunk to draw. Tipsy operators standing by.

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