26 November 2012

It's Cyber Monday and do you know where your naked geese are?

Me either. But if you are a good American, or a good person from another country such as Canada, then you have revved your motors and are ready to use the Internet for shopping today instead of working.

You know it. You are probably reading this right now at work. Sneaky slacker.

You know what you should buy, instead of fragrant balsam from LLBean or another dumbass pair of flipping slippers?

A scarf? OOoooooo. You could be wandering around Macy's right now, with a million scarves waving their fringey scarf fingers at you, whispering, "Matching Leg Warmers…"

Guess again. How about some custom dog art, courtesy of yours truly, Laura the Me, Dog Lady of Team Small Dog?

Super easy. In case you've been off the grid this week, and haven't been following my irritating, heavy handed marketing scheme taking advantage of social media and non existent coupons, all you have to do is email me some great photos of your dog, and some awesome words from your mouth as translated to your email fingers about your dog. You send a paypal to me for $27 plus $5 shipping and, VOILA. A 4x6" or perhaps even 5x7" piece of original art arrives in the mail, just in time for Christmas cheer.

Sure. Calling it art might be stretching it a bit. But what home is complete without a Team Small Dog original scrawl taped to the refrigerator?

Buy one for all your friends. It's what the cool kids are giving and getting this Christmas. Well, that and orange puffy jackets. The kind without the down. Leave them geese alone. Get the faux puffy.

Or custom dog art.

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