29 March 2012

A rare view of Dirt Nite while the lights are still on.

Dirt Nite starts out looking like this. A vast expanse of a dressage ring with fluffy, really dirty, dirt.

All the agility stuff lives out there in the trailer.

Every single Wednesday night, this happens. We have exactly a half hour to build agility.

This is not fast enough for the dogs.

Everybody lines up to move the a-frame.

We have to turn down a-frame movers!

It's the best part.

Sorry, Valerie. You missed moving the a-frame!

By 6pm, the joint is hoppin'. We've got dogs of all shapes and sizes out there doing their thing until dark o'clock.

Dirt Nite is where I learned all my agility chops from Rob. Where I used to run 3 dogs in a row in class without stopping to take a breath, Hobbes at 26" then Ruby at 16" then Otterpop at 12". Where Ruby finally retired when I figured out she couldn't see where she was going. Where I learned how to run my favorite border collie ever. Where Otterpop learned how to do agility and eventually to knock out any gamble I could throw at her. Where I attempted to learn how to run the wild machine known as Soja. Where I was sure for so long that Gustavo would never learn how to do weave poles, or any agility at all. Where I learned how to learn from all my supercool beginning students. Where I signed on to learn that fancy euro handling stuff and never looked back. Where I met a lot of my best agility pals. Where at the end of it all, late at night and cold and dark, we packed up all the stuff back into the trailer and locked it up and went home filthy.

For many years, every single Wednesday, we've been at Dirt Nite. It's been going on for 10 years, although I didn't start out with it because 10 years ago, me and Ruby were just little agility sprouts jumping over brooms balanced on buckets in the barn aisle, with only dreams of fancy stuff like teeter totters and threadles.

Next week, we have the last Dirt Nite ever. It will be done. The masterminds behind Dirt Nite need a well earned break after all these years and so it will be. We sure are going to miss it.


Debbie said...

As the only person from WV to participate in Dirt Nite, I will miss hearing about it. Yes, it was dirty, but it was a lot of fun. Adios, Dirt Nite.


AgilityFoot said...

Wow, you guys we're committed. Why are you quitting now? It's only been 10years.

nosemovie said...

Awww, that makes me sad. Even tho I've never had a "dirt night" myself.
It seems to RETRO... hauling everything out and then putting it back again.

I'm sure you'll miss it, in ways.

Jenn said...

That's something. Ten years.

And volunteers for setup!

I don't know any of you and this post makes me sad.

team small dog said...

We loved having you come visit Debbie!

It will be sad to have no more dirt nite. We will look for more doors to open when that one closes next week.

Elf said...

I've never been to Dirt Night, either, but TSD made it famous! The end of an era.

andrea said...

I am so going to miss dirt nite ... can't imagine how much you will ...hang in there

CA Pet Palace said...

We will miss you dirt night! and everyone there.. Remington and I didn't get to go play for very long but we really enjoyed our time there. OK we took a lot of harrassment from the obedience group when we showed up to do sits and downs with them after dirt night looking like we were homeless, but we still liked it.
Went through alot of whitening shampoo on Wednesday nights and weekly baths because there was no way I was gonna let that 6 pound version of the creature from the black lagoon into my bed but he was fine with the dirt...and a pair of shoes on their way out, couldn't possibly wear them ANYWHERE else... Laura, Dee, Rob, Marion and Micheal made it fun for all..and it will be greatly missed. Remington wants to know when he will see Quest again other then the fair, ( he is after all Quest's mini me) it's a sad day but there must be something else out there that is meant to be for us... the agility gods will get back to us soon I am sure...see you all soon and slightly whiter.. Lisa and RRRRRRRRemington (he likes it when you roll his R) :)